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Corfe Castle


Today I visted Corfe Castle. Talk about a blast from the past! Except for the cars, people and gift shops, I felt like I'd taken a step back in time five hundred years. The castle was built over a thousand years ago, but was sadly destroyed during the English Civil War in the 1600s. Some people might consider it just "moldering ruins" but I thought it was fantastic. It does sort of look like shapeless old rocks from photos, but once you're actually there wandering around you can really get a feel for how it used to be. Something I found particularly fascinating was a set of old stairs. I nearly tripped while going down them, because the stone was worn away in the middle of every step - and I realized it was because there have been people tramping up and down those stairs for a thousand years. It was pretty mind boggling to think about it.

I took about a million photos, but I'll only bombard you with these select few.








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First day in England


Today is my first day in England! I left my teary-eyed family in Alaska late Friday night, spent about 24 long and tedious hours in the air, and landed in London early this morning. I wish I could sleep - I'm tired enough to collapse - but I'm not allowing myself to sleep until night. I want to hurry up and get used to the time zone!

I had window seats on all three of my flights and had some really fantastic views. I got to see Anchorage from above, the air was perfectly clear and I was able to pick out my house and church. The views of Denver and Chicago were interesting but boring - both cities are incredibly flat! I loved seeing London from the air, I didn't see anything really exiting but it was still cool. Believe it or not I actually got a bit teary-eyed. I've been planning this for almost a year, and I'm just so happy to finally be here! I'm rather proud of myself, the only times I've gotten all "weepy" were after seminary and today on the plane. Of course, those were probably tears of joy because the flight was seven hours long and incredibly boring and I was glad to get it over with. No, just kidding...

After we arrived at my grandma's house and had something to eat (practically all I've had for 24 hours have been energy bars) we took a three minute walk to the 15th century church in her village, pictured below. I used to go there when I was younger and I was very pleased to see it again. Unfortunately, as I was standing on a bench to get a better photo of the church, I fell off (clumsy, I know) and my whole arm was stung by stinging nettles. These evil little plants are easier to avoid than the monster mosquitoes I left in Alaska, but more painful!





I'm not Catholic, but they have Mass on Sundays and I think I might go. I love this church - it's so quiet and peaceful, and I like looking at the stained glass and sculpture and imagining someone doing the same thing several hundred years ago.

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